Monthly Archives: May 2014

One year: in the books

Well. Phew. The first year is over!

I have so much to reflect on, but instead, here’s some new stuff on the horizon:

Next year, I’ll be on the Honor Court. First real committee work, and I hope that it will let me see some of the best students at Hamilton upholding the (student-driven) ideals of the college.

I’ll teach Modern Algebra for the first time, and I’m unspeakably excited.

This summer, I’ll teach a session of the All Girls All Math camp in Lincoln, Nebraska. I can’t wait!

The following NPR story starts with an anecdote about Kepler. Apparently, he was trying to find himself a wife, and he had 11 candidates, but he was too thorough in interviewing them (read: slow!), and they all got impatient and rejected him. Damn.

Turns out, if you have limited options, the best strategy for a good match (though maybe not the best match) is to interview 1/e (~36.8%) of your candidates without offering the “job” to any of them. Then, if you’re interested in anyone after that point, pop the question and forget the rest of the list.

Read more at NPR:
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