Packing it all up and hitting the road 1

Yesterday, my friends helped pack up my “relocube” (review of the abf freight upack service to follow…) for my impending move. Luckily, my friends are masters of time and space, and the packing went quickly. Of course, I’ve been on crutches following the knee injury (bursitis, no infection; prognosis is pretty good once I find time to rest my leg!). So I wasn’t really able to do much except worry, nag, and totter around in the way of everyone. The day ended with a trip to The Mill to visit Tall Courtney (even though I blame her for my knee injury…just kidding!) and a trip to Ivanna Cone with Mom and Joan.

Today I cleaned out my gym locker, turned in my keys for the UNL math building, said goodbye to the amazing office staff and some of my fellow Coffee House regulars.  My moving help is coming by for pizza in half an hour, and I’ll bat my eyelashes and see if they’ll put the last few things in my car for me. Then a few last goodbyes, and tomorrow morning we hit the road bright and early (but first stop, coffee, duh).

Emotions are running high. I’m so excited for my new job, and I can’t wait to get to know my new colleagues, students, and neighbors. But I’m going to really miss my friends here in Lincoln. And although the math world is quite small and I’ll see my math pals around the math scene, it’ll be harder to see my Lincoln friends without inventing reasons to come back (or convincing them to come hang out and go camping in the Adirondacks and climbing at the Gunks…). Also, I’m gonna call out the entire Northeast and make the bold claim that there is no coffee of great quality within a half hour radius (please prove me wrong!) of my new home or my parents’ home. I need some recommendations for a home espresso set up. Also, I’ll be taking applications for live-in barista-butlers…

Thanks for the moving help is owed to (in order of arrival): my Mo mom, Gail; Ben; Marilyn and Gregg; Josh; Anisah; Lauren; Katie and Nathan; Beca; Colin; Tony; and Eric, who came just in time to watch the container get locked up.  Thanks to Joan for the help with laundry! And thanks for everyone who offered moral support. I needed it!



But remember, I’ll be back in August for graduation.

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