Milestone: Turning in my reappointment file after 5 semesters at Hamilton.

One of my friends called the process “self-irritation inducing.”

And now we wait…

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2 thoughts on “Reappointment

  • john riker

    Hello, Courtney–it’s John Riker–I just thought about you today so I thought I would google you and there you were, looking beautiful and full of life. I hope all is well with you at Hamilton. I still have the fondest memories of you and our talks together. Marcia and I are still flourishing in our usual ways–teaching, dancing, hiking, loving, dogs, grandkids, Chicago. The ravages of age have not found us yet, at least not in any kind of force, and so we rejoice in our lives.

    With love and care,

    • Courtney Post author

      How funny! About a month ago I wrote a letter to send to you and Marcia that’s still sitting on my desk. I’ll have to confirm your address with you — expect an email soon!