Milestone: Turning in my reappointment file after 5 semesters at Hamilton.

One of my friends called the process “self-irritation inducing.”

And now we wait…

Way to go, SCOTUS!  Interested in the data re: same-sex marriage?  Start here:

Sometimes when I say I’m going to work at a coffee shop, I realize that it sounds like I’m changing careers. But today is the first time I’ve been mistaken for an actual employee at an actual coffee shop. My latest, greatest thought was just interrupted by someone earnestly claiming to be one of my customers. I was very confused until we both realized what was happening.

I guess I’m a natural. Good to know there are options if I don’t like being a math prof!

So. I’ve been at the Project NExT workshop, and I have bjillions of reflections about my own teaching to share, but I need to synthesize them. (Also, the schedule is packed!)

In the meantime… You know your graduate school trained excellent problem-solvers when, as part of a group of about a hundred people waiting to take elevators up from the third floor, you decide to dash down the stairs to the second floor to catch the elevator and you see the rest of the people from your grad program already casually waiting in the empty elevator lobby. Good thinking, Tanner, Eric, Dave, and Katie! (Ashley, where were you?)

Go Big Red!